11/1/2007 - Thursday evening

At The Dark Room on Mission Street, where my friend Sasha and I went to see Davy Rothbart's show. Davy reads love letters, grocery lists, signs, etc. that people find and send to him. It's truly amazing, a sort of sampling of humanity. I'd give you examples, but it's probably better just to go to his website and read his Find of the Day. My dad is addicted to it. Can't start work without seeing what's new. Sort of like his coffee.

Would you say that's fair, Dad?

Here's my friend, Sasha Cagen reading issue #4 of Davy Rothbart's Found Magazine before the show. Issue #5 just came out--he gets crates of stuff delivered to his parents house in Michigan.

After the show, backstage, here's Davy reading Sasha's new, upcoming book that will be released on November 10. They have the same editor! Her book is a compilation of people's to-do lists--another great sampling of humanity.

Though you'll have missed Davy's San Francisco show--he's in the middle of a 65 city US tour that you can read about on his site--Sasha is having a book release party coming up next weekend! Come and bring your own lists and participate in the List Slam.

Nov. 10: To-Do List Launch Party + List Slam in SF

Saturday, November 10, 8 pm
Cafe Royale
San Francisco

800 Post Street (a close walk from Powell BART)

Here's Davy on stage after passing out cans of Tecate--"The show is an hour long," he cautioned, "so you might want a beer for backup."

The armor is his latest find. It came from the Green Room behind stage. If you perform at the Dark Room, maybe you can wear it, too.