Reading Last Man Standing, by one of her favorite authors, David Baldacci. She enjoys reading courtroom dramas, mysteries, and family sagas on her commute home to unwind after a day doing estate planning; though, she says, she loves her clients--they are always happy and relaxed after making a decision to come and see her. She's been an attorney for over 43 years and she declares that she still learns something new every day.

Because she reads all the time not only does she have this nifty book-keeper (she's gone through several since her sister gave her her first one years ago. She gave me her CPA's contact info so I can get ordering info on it, which I'll post),
but she keeps an alphabetized list of the books so that she doesn't accidently buy the same book twice!

Her favorite book is The Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. She said if she'd known what the book was about before she picked it up, she wouldn't have read it and, later, was shocked to find it in the romance section at Stacy's bookstore. It's a story about a woman who travels back in time two hundred years and what makes it so good is the hero, a chivalrous Scottsman, and the historical aspects of the story. (Another fan of The Outlander is the reader in the 10/1 entry.)

Sorry your face is washed out--it's the flash on my camera!