Waiting for the new T Muni

and reading You Have the Right to Remain Puzzled, by Parnell Hall. It's a mystery novel with crossword puzzles and other puzzles throughout to help the reader figure things out about the plot! She loves puzzles.

Something good she read recently--John Grisham's, The Broker. It's got great suspense. (Being read on 1/29/07 posting.)

Check out this mural. It's right next to the T muni line

and has a beautiful picture of people reading.

Maybe it was the magic of the printed word that inspired the graffiti artist. My friend, Jenny, and I, had gone to Bayview to visit the library and were very impressed by the community involvement we saw, just by walking through the neighborhood. There are murals everywhere and this beautiful community run garden as well--the street used to have three drug houses on it, but when the other neighbors started always being out gardening, the clients stopped coming and the neighborhood cleaned up.

The library was great, too--the library assistant hosts slam poetry competitions there and the teen librarian even has an (unofficial) my space page for the library!