Do you ever have the experience where you recognize something and then suddenly it's everywhere? Yesterday I was poking through a box of books at a yard sale in front of the Bernal Public Library and was curious about this book, Dharma Punx, by Noah Levine.

Then, today, on my way home from having dinner I happened to see someone reading it. He's actually looking for a copy that he can send to his brother....maybe they'll have the library-front yard sale again next weekend.

He checked out about twenty books at the library and this is the one he's reading--he started it this morning and he's already half through. A good book for a Sunday, he said. And, a teacher at his urban mediation class is featured in it.

His favorite book of all time--Jitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins, for the time in his life that he read it. It's a good love story and he got it from a friend.