Reading Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morga. She saw Rabbit-Proof Fence and her partner recommended she read this, as it's also about Australian Aborigines. The book is beautifully written and very intriguing, though, there's been controversy about it--don't click on this link until after you've read it.

Her favorite book of all time is The Hours, by Michael Cunningham, for the author's knowledge of women and its imagery, which is so good she described it as edible--this comment could have had something to do with Boogaloo's forty-five minute waiting list, and that all she had on her table so far was a cup of coffee... Forty-five minutes is a long time, but, as I explained to my sister and cousin, who eventually succumbed to the wait, where else can you get vegan biscuits and gravy? (Though, when we finally got down to it, we didn't even order the biscuits and gravy and, as un-vegan as you can get, even had a dish with sausage in it.)

Enough about the food. (Though, if you're looking for a good food blog, check out www.localforage.com.)

She began reading when she was three-years-old. She has no idea where she picked it up--maybe phonics on Sesame Street--and has been an avid reader ever since. A book that changed her life was Addict in the Family. (Not sure if it's the one by Beverly Conyers or by Dr. Andrew Byrne.) Recently she read A Death in the Family--which is her second favorite book-- by James Agee and The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James.


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Hey, thanks for the mention, Sonya! I remember you from the author reading night. Love the people reading blog.

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