Reading My Lives, by Roseanne Arnold. It was referenced in a book she was reading about theater and so she picked it up. She mostly reads about theater. Her favorite playwrights are Chekhov, Strindberg and Tennessee Williams.

She's an actor and does random commercials and is an extra. Though, she says it's nice to do socially progressive theater. In July she'll be in a production at the Brava entitled A Right to Heal, which is about abused women.

In September she'll be in the Pulitzer Prize winning play, The Kentucky Cycle, by Robert Schenkkan, at Willows Theater Company in Concord. It's about violence, the history of America, and how coal mines destroy the land. The play encompasses two hundred years and, because of this there are an abundance of characters. She'll be playing four of them.

A leading role she'd like to have--Annie in Annie Get Your Gun. She's an alto and, in most musicals, the leads are sopranos.

Her favorite book--Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, which she read after a trip to Rome. The plot moves and keeps you guessing, and the anagrams are cool. She has yet to read The Divinci Code.