Reading The Road, by Cormac McCarthy on a Sony e-reader (here's a blog entry I found about the device).

Over the past few months he's read twenty books on it and is convinced it's a good thing--you don't have to flip the pages and easy on the eyes. He got it because it's small (less than nine ounces) and easy to travel with.

He just finished reading a trilogy by Australian author, John Birmingham, which was about a re-do of WWII with troops from 2020. The books get you inside the heads of characters like Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler. An interesting point in the books--the culture clashes. For instance, a captain of one of the 2020 ships is a black woman, another fleet is Japanese, which, of course, will not fight their ancestors.

His favorite author? Doesn't have one. He used to like John Grisham, but has been disappointed in his recent books.