Waiting for a friend to show up before Mortified, an event at the Makeout Room in the Mission where people get up on stage and read their adolescent diary entries involving, among other things, delusions of being God and skipping school to watch soap operas.

Reading The Widow's Children, by Paula Fox, one of her favorite authors, who she recently rediscovered on Amazon with their "if you like X you'll also like X" marketing gimmic. When she was in middle school she read Paula Fox's young adult novels, Monkey Island and Slave Dancers.

This book, The Widow's Children, she says is not very good, but that Desperate Characters is one of her best, for the way she captures seemingly unimportant characters.

When her friend showed up, with a street vendor bacon wrapped, mustard smeared hot dog in hand, he shared with us one of his favorite books--The Confessions of Max Tivoli, by local author, Andrew Sean Greer. It takes place in San Francisco during the time of the 1906 earthquake and is about a man who ages backwards and falls in love with the same girl three times, but she never recognizes him from the time before.