Reading Hook, by Terry Brooks, based on a screen play by Jim V. Hart and Malia Scotch Marmo and screen story by Jim V. Hart and Nick Castle.

Normally she doesn't like books based on movies or vice versa, but she was desperate for something to read. Five weeks ago she started a new job and now has time for books again.

She likes reading the same books over and over again, like the Shannara series by Terry Brooks and the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton and has to almost force herself to pick up something new. Hook, she says is any easy transition, because it's written by Terry Brooks.

What draws her to these books are the descriptions that are so vivid you can visualize the world and escape into it. It's the epic nature that's important. It had to be long. But, what's most important is the writing, the language itself.

She has been working on writing her own novel since the beginning of time--ten years ago when she was in high school. Half way through the novel her computer crashed. It's just as well, she said, it was definitely better the second time around.

It's about a young woman who, when she was an infant, was kidnapped by her uncle and taken to our world. People are sent out to search for her, but the universe is a very large place and she is not found. However, later, at age nineteen, she is freakishly stumbled upon by someone sent off their planet for punishment and she is forced to return. Upon her arrival she is trampled and stabbed by a unicorn, which alters her genetic makeup. And, the difficulties in transition do not stop there--after living on 19th century Earth, her planet's male oriented society and her noble family are difficult to negotiate.