Reading Immortality, by Milan Kundera, one of her favorite authors.

Her favorite book--Candide, by Voltaire, for its critique of the world. It's a funny story that goes through weird things that's in line with her sense of humor--like giving the reason noses are shaped the way they are--so we can wear glasses.

She's also reading Hell's Angels, by Hunter S. Thompson and White Hotelby D.M. Thomas, which is experimental fiction about the holocaust. She is finding very weird, but it's a good book. It was recommended by her ex-boyfriend...who hadn't read Candide.

Her now boyfriend has read Candide and has recommended to her Journey to the End of the Night, by Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

What you can learn from books--a lot about love and emotions you would otherwise have difficulty expressing. Through books, you can become closer to identifying how you actually feel. Words have a lot to do with how you think you feel.