Reading Echo of the Spirit, A Photographer's Journey, by Chester Higgins, Jr.. She was reading a page that began, "your message" in flowing script like on the cover, and she told me what hers is--she herself is a writer. She writes about "healing, life, and beauty on the edge of society." She has written a book about conscious travel--we talked about the absurdity of flaunting wealth while traveling in the third world--and is trying to publish it.

She has published here and there, but finds empowerment through writing on her blog, www.thewayoftheempath.blogspot.com, because someone shouldn't have to choose to publish you for you to share your views with the world. To her its a way of creating doors instead of knocking on them.

Her favorite book--The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

Thanks for your conversation...and I had the time wrong--it was really ten till six, not five till! The clock in the coffee shop was wrong. I hope you weren't late either.