December 27, 2007 -- Thursday evening

I'm glad that the days are getting longer. It's so cold and dark after work...and difficult to find people reading outdoors.

Reading His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman which he got after seeing the movie. He'd enjoyed the movie at the time, but, after reading the book, his movie enjoyment has flagged. The book is much better.

Recently he read five books in a series about alternate reality--witches, warlocks, vampires roam free amongst people. It's by Kim Harrison and he's waiting for the sixth book to come out this spring--The Outlaw Demon Wails.

His favorite book of all time--Magic's Pawn, by Mercedes Lackey. He can see himself in the main character through the whole three-book series--the character is blind to the world around him but wants to do what is right. He read it over a decade ago, but it still remains with him, helping him persevere, realizing that, if the main character can go through difficult times, through loss, trials darkness, so can he.

He began reading when he was thirteen. His mom had checked out book three of an Anne Rice series and he told her that she should read the first and the second books he went to the library, brought them home and read them before she did. Ever since then he's been hooked on reading. He reads all the time.

Next up in the line-up are a couple of books his mom recommended--Changeling and Witchling, by Diane Raetz.