January 10, 2008 -- Thursday evening

Reading The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett. Her mom gave it to her for Christmas and she didn't know what else to read!

Recently she reread The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, by Tom Spanbauer--a really great book that she'd read for the first time seven years ago, that had been recommended by people at the used bookstore she worked at in Arizona. It's about a Native American male prostitute.

Her favorite book of all time--The Sea of Light, by Jennifer Levin. Her sister recommended it. It's about a lesbian Olympic swimmer and is a wonderful portrayal of staying whole in the midst of desolation. In the beginning of the book she survives a plane crash that kills everyone else on the plane, jettisoning them into the sea. She stays alive in the water for days.

Her own book--it'd be about desolation and would be stream of consciousness....she'd just wait and see if it'd have a happy ending!

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j. davis said...

Being gay/lesbian is a sickness or disease. You are not “born that way,” you choose to live this way because you need help. What you are doing is neither natural nor right. It is an addiction like smoking or doing drugs. Please consider cleaning up your habits and seek help. I am confident there is more in store for your life.
J. Davis – jadavis@mckinneyisd.net