January 11, 2008 -- Friday evening

At a pizza place in the Castro--I was on a walk, from the Mission, where I live, to the end of Haight Street, up and over the hill and down through the Castro back home again. I took pictures of everyone I saw (passing up just one reader) until I got rejected by a man reading a zombie comic book at Starbucks.

Reading The Dragon Reborn, by Robert Jordan. It's part of the Wheel of Time series. He read all eleven books in this series, beginning when he was a kid, and is now reading them so that when the twelfth book comes out he'll be ready for it.

The twelfth book will be published posthumously, and finished by author Brandon Sanderson with Jordan's notes. Robert Jordan (pen name for ames Oliver Rigney Jr) died at age 58 of a blood disease in September this year.

Recently he (the reader, not Robert Jordan) read The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman, which was great. The movie, though, which he saw after the book, was not great. It was terrible. One of the worst movie adaptations ever. He doesn't recommend it. They left stuff out that should have gone in and put stuff in that should have been left out.

He just started a new job where he commutes thirty-minutes on Muni and is enjoying his extra reading time.