January 20, 2008 -- Sunday afternoon

Walking down Valencia

Reading iPod & iTunes, by Guy Hart-Davis. He got a computer three months ago and is reading everything he can. In his bag was Windows Vista in Easy Steps, by Harshad Kotecha.

He's also been reading books about time management and cooking. He works at Scala's, the Italian restaurant on Powell and Sutter and, for instance, if he's been sharpening knives, he goes home and reads more about it. Reading makes him feel secure. The more skill you have, he said, the better off you are.

His four-year-old daughter pushes him to read book less informative, but no less valuable. Her favorite--Curious George. He reads it again and again. Because he can't handle the repetition he changes the story, but she has a good memory. She laughs at him and says, "what is this!?"