January 5, 2008 -- Saturday evening

Reading When I Fall in Love, by Iris Rainer Dart. Usually she reads books on finance. A favorite author is Suzy Orman.

If she were to write her own book, it'd be about her grandfather, who died just a few years ago. She talked to him about his life so she could write the book. He is her hero--when he was a kid he did three grades in one year, as an adult he was a mathematician, spoke four languages fluently...and at one time owned one of the two high schools in Cambodia! How did he pull that off? He was smart, rich, and well connected with the Cambodian king. People who would serve the king would go to his school. She will hire someone to write the book if she isn't able to do it herself.

As we talked longer, it came out that she has already written a book, or, co-written a book. It's a study guide for learning Vietnamese--you can get it on Amazon!