February 26, Tuesday afternoon -- Reading K.J. Parker

Reading Devices and Desires, by K.J. Parker. His dad gave it to him. It's about medieval engineers, who are like mages. He's the one who got his dad into reading sci fi (it's what he read when he was a kid--a particular author that sticks out is E. Nesibt)...and now he's giving him sci fi to read. It was Gene Wolfe that hooked his dad--Wolfe's book Latro in the Mist.

Favorite authors--Wolfe and Octavia Butler.

And....he's working on writing a comic book with a friend. It's about a monk made of clockwork who has been raised in a monastery who knows nothing but the monastic life, until he leaves and goes into a city where he falls in love with a man, which, in his clockwork monastic mind, is a sin, a sin equal--not less or greater--to falling in love with a woman.

He was inspired to write the comic book after reading a book called White Dragon (?), and realized the author couldn't write believable gay characters to save his life.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's me (the person reading Devices and Desires.) Just wanted to point out that, while I don't remember her name, White Dragon was written by a woman.

Your blog is rad!

Care said...

very cool blog:)

Anonymous said...

I've read a book by P.D. James by the same title!

kokobean said...

I like the premise of the comic book!