March 6, Thursday evening -- Reading John Hodgman

Leaving the 49 Geary First Thursdays gallery open house, I told my sister I wouldn't let my blog habit get in the way of dinner. When we got to the foot of the escalator on the BART platform the sign said 3 minutes 'til the next train. I can do it! I told her. She picked out a guy reading, but, expertly I dismissed what he had in his hand as just a piece of paper. Not a book. Not good enough. But, then, amidst the crowd, here was the reader. It's not hard to find readers on BART. 2:35 remaining.

Reading The Areas of My Expertise, by John Hodgman, the guy in the "I'm a PC" Apple ads. Her husband, who works in special effects, recommended it. The author has been on the Daily Show. It's a fun book about miscellaneous knowledge.

She's also reading Y: The Last Man, a comic book series about the last man on earth.

Her favorite book--Look Homeward, Angel, by Thomas Wolfe, about growing up in a crazy family.

If she were to write her own book--it'd be about her crazy family. She's the twelfth of thirteen children. Growing up in a family that size, she said, has made her tolerant of everyone and anything. There were many personalities in her family.

When she was a kid she liked reading mysteries, first Nancy Drew and then Agatha Christie.

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Benedict Smith said...

....i'm always glad when i have a hard time finding a seat in a reaffirms what I a writer and a teacher....