April 24, Thursday night -- Reading Michael Chriton

Waiting for his brother at Starbucks

Reading Disclosure, by Michael Crichton. It's an old book, he said, published back in 1993. The book is his mom's boyfriend's and he happened upon it and decided to read it.

His favorite books-- The Andromeda Strain and Timeline, by Michael Crichton.

He works in the pharmaceutical industry and is interested in how Crichton fuses science and fiction--it's fantastic.

If he were to write his own book, it'd be about musical theater in third world countries.

Do you listen to music while you read?


jepoy said...

hi sonya
it was a pleasure meeting you last night! :)
awesome blog by the way
hope to see ya around
best of luck in ur book-reading people hunting..hahaha

girl with the mask said...

I cannot do ANYTHING when I read! What skill this man has!

Ms. Bassette said...
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Ms. Bassette said...

I'm more like girl with the mask than the person in the interview. I admire people who can read while hearing voices in their heads! I can walk with music in my ear and write with it way, way in the background, but I leave music, tv, and my family a lot of times to read. I live where I am reading, and it's hard to let the here and now interfere. I like, pretty close to, quiet to enjoy a good novel!

Seri said...

Yes...I like to read in general...but mostly I read on the bus to try to discourage people from talking to me...that doesn't always work, however, and sometimes I put ear buds in my ears whether or not I'm listening to my iPod.

ROBERTA said...

i can read while listening to classical music in the background but wouldn't be able to concentrate while listening to my ipod - too close.....but i can read and watch tv...i know, that doesn't make much sense - but it's true!

Liesel said...

Depends on the situation. While travelling i only listen to music because i have motion sickness, so i don't read at all. And when i'm at home i usually read without music because i'm in bed or something.

But I always listen to music while studying, it works for me (:

Say Lee said...

Then he would like NEXT by the same author.

I can read in crowded places admist cacophony. While reading at home, I usually have the music on at the background.

But I can't seem to be able to read in a moving vehicle, other than on trains and on planes, provided the flight is not bumpy.