April 29, Tuesday night -- Reading Laurie McBain

Reading Chance the Winds of Fortune, by Laurie McBain, a romance novel translated from English into Russian.

I fumbled the "What is your favorite book?" question. "Schto Eta vasha loobimaya kneega?" I asked her, wanting to practice my Russian, and I think she thought that I was giving her an answer, like a Jeopardy question, saying that I thought that Chance the Winds of Fortune was her favorite and she insisted, "No, it's only romantic! It's for the train!" And then she walked quickly away from me. I'd gotten on her bad side a few moments before by admitting that I'd never heard of Laurie McBain. I'm hoping I didn't ruin her night.

Do you read different types of books depending on whether you're likely to find distraction?


Liesel said...

I'm always reading more than one book at the same time. Generally different genres so I can vary a little. It really depends on my mood and concentration, so usually i pick up a more easy-going one and a complex one.

Right now is The Book Thief and Marley and me.

Ms. Bassette said...

I have read both The Book Thief and Marley and Me, and I have both of those good books in my classroom. I think it's wonderful that Liesel can read more than one book at a time. I have students who can do that too.

When I can't concentrate fully, I pick up a magazine to read.

Sometimes, in my classroom, I reread snippets of my favorite book: Harris and Me, Walk Two Moons, Love That Dog.

Anonymous said...

For distraction, I read mysteries. I know, the whole point is to try to figure out whodunit, but I just enjoy the sometimes silly plot devices.

Susana said...

Rarely. I went through a phase like that but it didn't last. I can have say a fiction book on the go and a "self-help" one at the same time...but two fiction ones is hard.

girl with the mask said...

You speak RUSSIAN?!

Sonya said...

Girl With the Mask,
....obviously not very well!

Liesel and Ms. Basette,
I want to read Marley and Me, too.

Olga said...

"What is your favorite book?" in Russian is "Kakaya vasha loobimaya kneega?".

"Schto Eta vasha loobimaya kneega?" indeed sounds like: "What, this is your favorite book?" :-)

Sonya said...

Oh no! I get no points for being tactful.

As my friends in Russia would say...not molodyets, but holodyets.