Dear Dad and other blog readers,
I haven't forgotten about people reading.... I have not died or, worse, gotten the flu again. I even have a few photos that I haven't posted yet. I just, somehow, have gotten caught in other eddies and, tomorrow I think, will take the plunge and post everything I've backlogged.

If you've read all the recent entries and you need your people reading fix, try typing into the search field your favorite author's name, favorite book title, least favorite book title, your mother's name, etc.... or just going to the archive and seeing what people were reading last May, 2007.

As for me, I finally finished reading Kafka by the Shore--my "sick" book that my sister had been reading to me--and we had our book group discussion at Zeitgeist. Consensus: good, but it doesn't tie up as pretty as we'd like, but we decided we couldn't fault this, as "not tying up" and accepting events as meaningful allegory is, actually, a theme of the book.

Other reading-- Team of Rivals about Abraham Lincoln got some play, though I have not finished all 800 pages. Now, I'm working on the book that Duane, the shoe shine man gave me to read--scroll down a few entries for him.

Thanks for reading!



D-Ann said...

Feel better soon!

Liza P. said...

glad to see you're ok :-)

Ms. B. said...

Isn't it nice to have dads who care about us...or blog readers?

I just thought you were busy like the rest of us. I'm finding that with blogging it is a real treat to do or to find one to read, like yours, but that, like other great things in life, life sometimes gets in the way and we just have to miss a bit and know that there's always another day.

Enough of my old lady meandering talk; I'm off to bed to maybe finish up Eat, Pray and Love...and a student gave me A Million Pieces so I'm into that too.

Have a good break with life!