May 8, Thursday evening -- Reading David Bach

At the Subway sandwich shop in Chinatown on her lunch break

Reading The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Lifetime Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate, by David Bach. When she reads she prefers finance books, generally by this author. She can't remember reading anything else.

Have you ever read anything by David Bach? My supervisor gave me his book, Smart Women Finish Rich, which I enjoyed.


Susana said...

I never read anything by him but sounds like a good one. Some extra cash would be ideal.

Lydia said...

No, haven't read him. I can't imagine reading only one genre and especially by one particular author! I'd be bored to tears.

Honour said...

Actually, for someone who NEVER reads finance books - that is the one book I read - the same as you ... Smart Women Finish Rich. I even implemented his filing system. Every woman should read it. And it works! When an assessor came over the other day to look at my little condo, I was so impressed with myself when he asked for documents and I knew where to find them! But now that I've read that ... ummm, maybe not another finance book for another decade or so.

Lydia said...

Wow, Honour, thanks for your comment. I totally wouldn't have thought I'd want to read this book but after reading your recommendation I will definitely do so!