July 4, Friday, Independence Day -- Reading Cara Black

Where there are people there are readers

At AT&T Park, amongst the Giants and Dodgers fans

Reading Murder in Montmartre, by Cara Black, a mystery set in Paris. Her husband gave her the book last week.

She comes from a family of baseball fans and this is what she does during games. She read the whole time she was there....or at least whenever I looked over. She was sitting a few rows below my family.

In the 8th inning, when the sun was still high in the sky and vendors still roamed the stands offering icy lemonade and peanuts, I looked down and she was gone. Her whole family was gone. The Giants were behind. I can guess who wanted to leave. It wasn't her. I'm sure she would have wanted to stay. Food, sun, a view, a book. Is there anything else you could possibly need?

Her favorite book of all time--Ubik, by Philip K. Dick.

Do you ever read at sporting events?


Shakespere said...

Hi. I enjoyed your blog. Must have been a boring game as well.

Sonya said...

It wasn't so boring as DEPRESSING. The Giants lost : ( ! Thanks for your message.

speculator said...

hi Sonya!
Reading at a baseball game- of course! I bring the Boston Herald to Fenway Park, and the Portland Press-Herald to Hadlock Field!
Lately, I've been bringing along my journal.
And- I always score the game, play-by-play, in a homemade notebook!
bye for now,
~ abraham