August 10, Sunday evening -- Reading Simon R. Green

At Frjtz, the Belgian fry place on Valencia Street

Reading The Man with the Golden Torc , by Simon R. Green.

His favorite book of all time--Blood of the Fold, by Terry Goodkind. In it there are two worlds, an old world and a new world. The main character is kidnapped into the old world where he is enslaved and starts a revolution. The book is about hope.

Other favorite revolution books?


Ms. B. said...

Would Being There count? When I read it, way before it became a movie, I realized that it was sooooooooo true: to be seen as a leader and vastly intelligent, just keep quiet, seem to listen and agree. People will follow a person who can do that anywhere! (Now, if I know this, why can't I just keep quiet, listen and nod my head?!?!)

Honour said...

Ha Ha - would "V" (an old science fiction miniseries then written for books) count? it was the first piece of writing that got me liking revolutionary stories!