August 26, Tuesday evening -- Reading Mary Tregear

Page depicting mountains painted in a Chinese traditional style, juxtaposed next to a North Face brand shirt and hat patterned with topographic lines (each line signifies 100 meters, the bold lines are 1000 meters apart).

Reading Chinese Art, by Mary Tregear. He is a Tibetan artist, in exile from Tibet and has been living in the Bay Area for three months. Here is a link to his portfolio on, a website for contemporary Tibetan art.

He likes to read about art, like the life of Vincent van Gogh, as well as the Dalai Lama's teachings. He believes that artists must turn to their true selves, take out what is within themselves, and bring it out on the canvas. Through art we can be understood.

Contemporary art, he said, is new to Tibet--the rest of the world has about a 300 year head start.

Do you ever (maybe inadvertently) dress like something or someone characterized in the book you're reading?


Ms. B. said...

Gosh, what a wonderfully thoughtful question,

but I don't know...I do know I like books whose main characters are wacky, strong women.

I do sometimes look wacky, kind of like the grandmother in A Long Way from Chicago or the women in The Secret Life of Bees, or, well, you get the picture.

Honour said...

what a fascinating individual ... thanks for sharing his story and his website!

KennethSF said...

It's not surprising that contemporary art doesn't have a chance to flourish in Tibet. It's under a repressive regime that doesn't think twice about shooting at monks, let along permitting modes of expression of freedom.

Free Tibet! Free Tibet! Free Tibet!

alex said...

I'm not sure (but could be wrong?) that art is a race!

And, Van Gogh was a pretty interesting person. +100 points for the Netherlands! He was dutch right?