September 13, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Kathleen V. Kudlinski Dutton

At the Mission Branch of the Public Library

In the third row (the boy to the right of the man in the blue shirt), watching a high school salsa band and reading Boy, Were We Wrong About the Dinosaurs, by Kathleen V. Kudlinski Dutton.

Behind the seated audience a couple danced while their baby bounced up and down in the stroller. A librarian came over to coo at the baby in between setting an extra dish of guacamole on a table with chips and salsa. In the next songs the couple took turns dancing with their baby. Others tapped out the beat and, like me, threw glances around the room, looking for a dance partner. Would it be appropriate to ask someone who was doing their homework? Reading the newspaper? Searching the reference section? It was my first experience trying to find a dance partner in a library.

In what ways is your library used as a community center?

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Jess said...

Once a week they show movies. Each month there is a theme and, occasionally, there are discussion groups about them.