November 14, Friday afternoon -- Reading Marcia Muller

In Portsmouth Square Park, in Chinatown, where grandmas feed toddlers from tupperware and the old men play cards and tile games.
Taking a break from a computer class she's taking and reading The Ever-Running Man, a mystery by Marcia Muller. She's read every book by Marcia Muller, and even one that was a collaboration between Marcia Muller and her husband, Bill Pronzini, who is also an author. She prefers Marcia Muller's books, though, because they aren't as hard boiled. They're lighter.

She also enjoys the books because they are set in San Francisco. She was born and raised here, in the Sunset District, and loves the city ...though made a conscious decision to move out of the fog as an adult.

Favorite book -- The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco, a mystery set not in San Francisco, but in fourteenth century Italy.

Could you and your partner collaborate together on a book?


Special K said...

ha! my partner and I can barely READ the same book.

ooo - I love Umberto Eco (and reading books that take place in SF!)

Ms. B. said...

Like special k, my partner and I can't even collaborate on most answers to the simplest every day questions, let alone read the same book, or, ha, write one together.

Anonymous said...

The only thing my husband and I can collaborate on are the answers to Jeopardy! My sister and I, however, if we ever got our acts together, would probably work really well as a team. We always joke that we'll write on about her in-laws, but it would have to be marketed as fiction.

Liza P. said...

we were talking about writing a screenplay - still toying with the idea and talk about it over dinners and such. same with writing a blog together. we are honest and brutal with each other but we are very good abt running ideas with each other, allowing the other to strip things down so its a nice give and take :)