November 25, Tuesday evening -- Reading Donna Leon

At the bus stop
Reading Suffer the Little Children, by Donna Leon. It's part of a series of mysteries set in Venice. She's read several and loves them.

Favorite book--Gould's Book of Fish, by Richard Flanagan. The story is set in a Tasmanian penal colony and is told through the eyes of a prisoner. It's a book about civilization, survival, and creating a taxonomic record of fish....

If she were to write her own book--she's a librarian and has always wanted to do this--it'd be a mystery about a librarian.

If you were to write a mystery, what would it involve?

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Princess Haiku said...

I especially like your blog because I am a read while walking person. I started last summer and found a safe enough 6 block area to circle and have read many a fine book while exercising. My neighbors do consider me to be a bit eccentric but what a delicious eccentricity. I have taken to leaving children's books for certain little people I have met on my literary walkabouts. It's really interesting how children react to watching an adult read. They are instantly curious about the story.

Do you think there is a distinct personality difference between indoors vs public readers?