January 19, Monday afternoon -- Reading David Rothkopf

On Potrero Hill reading with the man pictured below. They often read here, unless the cops run them off.
Working his way through the war books on the third floor of the public library, he's reading Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power.

His favorite book -- Devil's Guard, a World War II and Indochina war story, by George Robert Elford -- one of the top novels sold to American soldiers in Iraq.

If he were to write a book it would be his own war story, about his own time in Vietnam, or flying airplanes, which he's done. He has also, in Arizona, worked as a rescue climber.


ROBERTA said...

you posted two powerful pictures tonight.

Ms. B. said...

I'm betting many of us take our comfy couches and our paperbacks for granted and yet we humans can be united in our pleasure of a good read.