January 29, Thursday evening -- Reading Bowen E. White, M.D.

Wishing to appear anonymously, but still wishing to appear. I'm not sure if it was the book or simply a being recognized that made her request the photo backwards. She had to get on the bus before I could ask.

People are often self-conscious about being photographed reading self-help type books. On Tuesday I saw a man reading near where I work in the financial district. I approached him and told him about my blog. It turns out I'd photographed him before and, when he began to realize what this meant, that I probably had a camera, his eyes sort of lit up in a desperate way and with nonchalant slyness, never losing eye-contact with me, he hid the book inside his jacket. Of course, I would never photograph someone who felt self-conscious about being on my blog, but he didn't know that. He looked relieved when I told him that I didn't want to photograph him twice. His book -- it was a self help book, something along the lines of I am Invincible. I'm trying to do a google search and nothing comes up, though, I think that I want to read it!
Reading Why Normal Isn't Healthy: How to Find Heart, Meaning, Passion and Humor on the Road Most Traveled, by Bowen F. White, M.D..

Favorite book -- Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card.

If she were to write a book, it'd be about aliens.