February 14, Saturday evening -- Reading Linda Fairstein

Over dessert at VinoRosso in Bernal Heights, a tiny, magical, neighborhoody restaurant, where strangers toast each other's tables, conversation hearts are traded, and readers read
Reading Bad Blood, by Linda Fairstein. She'll read anything - mostly mysteries, but she also likes local author, Danielle Steele. Books are her escape from work. She reads about one a day, unless she gets preoccupied with friends.

Favorite author -- Janet Evanovitch, who writes the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie Plum is a lovable and klutzy bounty hunter.

When she was a child, she read as much as she does now. The first book that made her realize the wonders of reading was called The Robe, the title taken from a beautiful robe worn by a man on a ship that was sailing to Israel, as the Jews were leaving Europe. (I can't seem to find the author or the book online. Anyone?)


Exile Bibliophile said...

There was a crazy popular book published in 1942 called The Robe by Lloyd C Douglas, but her plot summary doesn't quite fit. It was about the Roman who comes to own the robe of Christ and how he goes to Galilee and Jerusalem to investigate these wild stories he hears about this man. There was a sequel called The Big Fisherman, I believe, about the apostle Peter.

aliqot said...


fits with what Exile Bibliophile says. I remember the book in my parents' bookshelves in the 1950s.