May 27, Wednesday afternoon -- Reading Stephenie Meyer

In a little garden not far from where I work in the Financial District - from my windowless cube to sunshine. Today was the first time I've been able to leave the building for lunch since my foot surgery and in this park there was not just one reader, but two. Abundance.

Reading New Moon, the second book in the series, by Stephenie Meyer. She's almost done, and has already bought the third, but is lagging behind her friends, most of whom have already finished the series.
Favorite book – too hard of a question.

Something good she’s read recently - The Gate House, by Nelson DeMille.

When she was young, a couple of books she remembers that got her into reading – The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Calico Captive, a children's historical fiction novel, by Elizabeth George Speare.

Her own book – it’d be about attorneys. She works at an attorney placement company. Something gossipy, but without breaching confidence -- she gave no details.


Bill said...

Hi Sonya,

It's good to see you back on your feet (literally).

I was wondering about how you used to ask questions on the blog at the end of the entries. The questions seemed to open discussions about topics from the books and more.

Your blog is a worthwhile stop. I appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

Alex Worthy said...

Someone at my work was reading that book. I always wondered what it was about, but the cover is pretty scary so I never opened it up. Actually I'm not sure why the cover disturbs me, but it kind of does.

Special K said...

Ah, New Moon and a Diet Coke: good lunch! (:

Where's that garden? I don't recognize it...

Sonya said...

Thanks, Bill! I added a question to my last post. Hopefully you don't have an answer.

Alex, I think you could handle it.

Special K, I don't know how long it's been there, but it's on Commercial Street (which is between Sacramento and Clay), and between Kearny and Montgomery, across the way from Mercedes Mexican restaurant. It's a nice sunny corner for lunch. I only just discovered it at the beginning of the year.