October 14, Wednesday night -- Reading Tom Corwin

In front of city hallafter an evening honoring Bay Area author, Amy Tan
(said author + dog + tambourine)

Sitting at the wheel of his Bookmobile, after all the revelry -- that is, the greats of San Francisco literature, up on stage at a Litquake event, roasting the author with stories about her generosity as well as habits such as using remote controls through ziplock bags.

In this picture, author Tom Corwin, and thinker-upper of bookmobiletravels.com, winding down after the event....
I had never been in a bookmobile before, though, have wanted to since visiting New Orleans and hearing about their temporary library projects, and, even more, since my sister gave me this story to read, by Audrey Niffeneger: The Night Bookmobile, which was really really good. It might make you cry.

In real life, Tom Corwin does not read and drive at the same time. And neither will the authors who will drive the bookmobile around the country, doing sort of what I'm doing with my blog -- interviewing people about the books that touch them. In exchange, he will invite them to take digital and print titles from the bookmobile library.

The last book he read was digital -- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne. He read this on his iPhone with a Kindle application, in sepia tones and serif type, at night, in bed. And, he liked it.