January 17, Monday afternoon -- Reading Matt Ridley

On the top floor of the Powell Street Gap I stumbled upon Public Bikes, nestled in the bay windows between men's clothing and maternity wear (I was looking for neither, nor a bicycle) but was happy to see someone reading.

While manning the bike shop,
Reading the Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, by Matt Ridley, which she picked up at the library after hearing this TED Talk. She likes nonfiction books, especially one's about Sociology.

She recommends The Hakawati, by Rabih Alameddine about a man's trip from L.A. to Beirut where his father is dying (fiction), and Down These Mean Streets, an autobiography by Piri Thomas, about growing up in Spanish Harlem.
And, the bike shop actually sell books, too. On one shelf was, by photographer Jason Goodman, A Girl's Bike, filled with photographs of the eponymous subject, and on another shelf was a book I was actually gifted (and haven't had a chance to finish yet), Bicycle Diaries, by David Byrne, about the author's experience biking in cities around the world and his thoughts on urban planning.

What non-bookstores have you been in lately that sell books?