April 5, Tuesday morning -- Reading Marlo Morgan

In the wee hours of the morning, on the airplane after a 3am shuttle pick up in Sonoma County, reading Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan.
Her neighbor loaned it to her and she has been excited to read it, but has managed to keep herself from opening it until her vacation (with her sister, to a drumming workshop in Belize).

(My shuttle pickup was at a slightly saner 4am and I was going to the Caribbean.)

I was so excited to have her as a seat partner because, pre-boarding, I heard her chatting up another lady and knew it would be an adventure just sitting next to her. She just seemed so happy. Sure enough, as night turned to day while we sat on the tarmac, she pointed off in the distance at the glowing runway and other airport lighting and said that the blue color was the same as her aura.

Her favorite book of all time is The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, which she read while running a dairy on an Ashram in Nevada County, California. The book uses Science to back up the idea that there is a supreme being that created the universe because there is otherwise unexplainable energy.
Later in the flight the woman in the seat to my left -- a 33-year-old Iranian deejay from Switzerland -- photographed both me and the pictured reader, with our books in front of us, not reading, but our eyes closed, heads tipped back, mouths open, sleeping. I didn't get to see the photo because we were landing when she was trying to find it on her phone and when the plane started to shake back and forth from the turbulence, she thought her illegal accessing of her electronic devise was causing it.... Is that possible?