Maracas Bay, Trinidad -- April 9, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Anne Frank

At Maracas Bay, on a beach just over the hills from the capital city,
liming (Trinidad talk for hanging out, having fun, or partying) with her parents on the first day of Easter vacation,
reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, which was a birthday gift from her mother. While the palm leaves swayed peacefully over her own head, Anne, she said, is hearing gunshots at night.

Her favorite books of all time -- A Series of Unfortunate Events, by the San Francisco author, Lemony Snicket, also known as Daniel Handler, which she just finished reading.

Up next in the reading queue is My Blood Approves, a paranormal romance for young adults, written by the American author, Amanda Hocking, which one of her friends is reading now.

That's her mother, the gifter of the book, in the background, sharing around her bag of Fritos with the rest of the family, and me, too. I never pass up a chance to snack, even though I'd just eaten a king fish sandwich from a place called "Mom's Bake and Shark"....just down the beach from "Krishna and Baby's Bake and Shark."


Alex Worthy said...

You probably should have had the shark sandwich.

Special K said...

wow, that is some heavy beach reading!

Sonya said...

Alex, I had a shark sandwich the next day. Very delicious (thank you shark). The sandwich bread is made from scratch to order -- a little risen dough patty is thrown into boiling hot oil along with the breaded fish or shark.

Special K, Yeah, no kidding. I was laughing at how, the day before, I'd found a kid reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" ....not so intense....then here is Diary of Anne Frank.