Maracas Bay, Trinidad -- April 9, Saturday evening -- Reading Karen Robard

At Maracas Bay, before being interrupted by a musician who sat down and launched into "I don't believe that anybody who feels the way I do about you now..." and went on to sing some Bon Jovi at the request of the reader's husband
This reader was liming with her family -- husband, mom, dad, sister, and sister's friend. They passed around a big plastic Tupperware bowl of spicy pineapple, cucumbers, and plums that they shared with us and invited us to have lunch with them the next day....which, unfortunately, my boyfriend and I were unable to attend.
Reading Shameless, by Karen Robard. She used to read a lot of Danielle Steel before she decided that all of her books, after a while, all start sounding the same.

If she were to write her own book, she would write about family. This is an answer that I received from nearly every single Trinidadian to whom I asked this question.

Thanks! It was great meeting you all.


Alex Worthy said...

that guy with the guitar looks awesome.

John Kim said...

that looks like paradise