May 23, Monday morning -- Reading Michael Crummey

Chillin' with her Kindle on a sunny day in Noe Valley
Reading Galore, by Michael Crummey. It's about a whale that gets washed ashore in Newfoundland and when they cut open the belly they find a man inside, and he's alive. The book was recommended to her by Amazon based on her past purchases. When I asked her what she have purchased that would have prompted that suggestion -- fishing books? adventure books? Moby Dick? -- she said she had no idea what kind of algorithm they're using, but that she really likes the book.

On her favorites list are Roald Dahl's adult books, especially the short story collection The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, which contains both fiction and nonfiction about his life -- he was a fighter pilot in addition to having written great books like James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

(pardon the photos....I some how got some jelly-like stuff on my camera lens)

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Alex Worthy said...

i'm imagining that the man in the whale was really pissed off that the fishermen killed his whale-mobile.