May 4, Wednesday afternoon -- Reading John Crowley

In Alioto Park in the Mission District
Reading Little, Big, by John Crowley, which he just started. It's a fantasy novel that his friend loaned him because he likes fantasy books. He's read the Lord of the Rings series, in its entirety, four times. He has spent hundreds of hours of his life reading the Lord of the Rings. "Sometimes I think maybe I should have been reading something else," he said. But, if something's good and you like it, why not?

He also really liked The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. "You tear right through it," he said. He only read it once, though, because afterwards he read it he gave it to a friend.

At the end of March I interviewed a woman who said that Little, Big was her favorite book of all time. The author won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1982. Here's the blog entry.