September 25, Sunday morning -- Reading Joseph Heller

Having brunch in the Dogpatch
and reading Catch-22, by Joseph Heller. She loves reading old copies of books and a friend gave her this for her birthday last year. It's a little big to carry around, so she hasn't been reading as much lately -- she likes to read only one book at a time.

Her favorite book is Still Life with Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins.

In her free time -- she's a professional organizer (meaning creating systems to keep your house or office organized) -- she likes making ice cream. In fact, she has a rule that she doesn't bring store-bought ice cream into the house. She described to me recipes involving custard and the challenge of rainbow sherbet. On her to-buy list is The Perfect Scoop, written by David Lebovitz, photographed by Lara Hata.

(the cocktail is a whiskey express ... whiskey + espresso + other things -- at Serpentine)

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Charles said...

That book seems interesting, I will have to try it myself, but hey don`t neglect your breakfast partner :)
You should try some of these good reads Yuri Mintskovsky recommends.