February 3, 2014, Monday evening -- Reading Colin Meloy

 On Monday evening my sister and I went to the Booksmith in the Haight to see someone who went to our elementary school (he was a year ahead of us and we didn't really know him, but even back then we knew he was cool...) 

Colin Meloy and his wife, illustrator Carson Ellis, are co-collaborators on a best-selling children's series, Wildwood, that takes place in a mythicalized park in Portland, Oregon. 
I photographed one of their fans reading because her dress looked so great with the book cover, and because she was wearing a necklace with a tiny globe on it.  
She heard about the books because she is a Decembrists fan and Colin Meloy is their lead singer and song writer.  Carson Ellis designs their album covers (check out the beautiful illustrations on her website).  While listening to Colin read an excerpt from the book, the long vowels like the eee's and the oh's and the ah's had the same resonance as when he sings.