February 8, 2014, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Robert Neuwirth

Working the cash register at Mission Minis, a cupcake shop on 22nd Street
Reading Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, a New Urban World, by Robert Neuwirth for an anthropology class at SF State.  This is his last semester before he finishes his Bachelor's degree. 

His favorite book is Night Over Day Over Night, by Paul Watkins, which is set in 1944 and told from the perspective of a German teenager fighting for Hitler's army.  The book is his favorite because of the way the narrator is portrayed.  The conditions are tough, but the character doesn't gripe.  "Have you ever seen the movie Drive?" he asked me.  I hadn't, but he explained that the narrator reminds him of the Ryan Gosling character in that movie, who plays a getaway driver and has a similar demeanor when dealing with adversity.

I had been doing my grocery shopping in the rain when I spotted this reader.  I'm still celebrating the pause in our drought by posting in watercolor using Waterlogue.