Winter, 2014, Saturday afternoon - Reading India Blake

On Fillmore Street, reading Captured, poems by India Blake. 

I saw her first from the bus on my way to a friends house and, then hours later, she was still there.  I wasn't able to ask her about her favorite books, or what she thought about this one though, for a very simple reason.
She is a scultpure, by the artist Seward Johnson and was part of the Fillmore Sculpture Project.      


Liz Worthy said...

Totally fooled! Thanks!

Salty Sea Port and Buzzy Air Port said...

Did you get off the bus just to talk to her? She's very convincing, though maybe not properly dressed? Well, it is California over there, not St. Louis, but still. Bare feet?

sonya worthy said...

Hi Salty Sea Port and Buzzy Air Port, You're right, it's been warm here but it's probably not quite bare feet weather.

I saw her from the bus and then, later, walking back the other direction, I happened upon her again, this time on foot and was still, like Liz, totally fooled, until I took a closer look.