June 10, 2014, Tuesday evening -- Reading Kim Thúy

Waiting for the Tunnelbana (T-Bana) (in Stockholm, where I'm on vacation)
Reading (in Swedish) Ru, by the Canadian author, Kim Thúy, who originally wrote the book in French.  (I love how cross-cultural this is.)  The story is autobiographical and is about a child who emigrates from Vietnam to Canada.  

She found out about the book by reading a Swedish magazine called Vi Läser (We are Reading in English).   

Here's a review I found on the book on NPR's website.  The article talks about how the book has been published in 20 different countries and won Canada's Governor General's Award in 2010.
Her favorite author is the Swedish writer, Vilhelm Moberg, who is known, among other things, like his plays, for a series of 4 books about Swedish emigration in the 19th century, entitled The Emigrants.   He's considered Sweden's best journalist of the 20th century.