June 22, 2014, Sunday morning -- Reading John Keegan

At a coffee shop in the Richmond District (back in San Francisco)
Reading, or rather, re-reading, The Mask of Command, by John Keegan.  His favorite author is Jane Austen, but, unlike other books, he doesn't re-read Jane Austen.  He's afraid if he re-reads them, he might be disappointed and lose that feeling of having read them for the first time.  He's read all of her books, except for one -- Northanger Abbey.  When I asked, why not that one, he said he didn't know, but joked that maybe that he's keeping one in reserve for his deathbed.

Although his favorite author is Jane Austen, his favorite book is David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, though he doesn't like Dickens' other books. Another favorite author is P.G. Wodehouse.