July 22, 2014, Tuesday afternoon -- Reading Linda Fairstein

Enjoying the sun and selling his art (in Amsterdam, where I'm on vacation)
He's reading Vražedný žár (Killer Heat) by the American author, Linda Fairstein.  In Slovakian, her name on the books spine is Fairsteinova.  He said that in Slovakian the ova suffix means woman

His favorite author is Dan Brown.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
This is not so much a comment about your post but a personal question to you :-)
Are you going to put my picture on your website? I'm the guy who was reading "the art and craft of feature writing" in front of my house on the canals in Amsterdam. The reason I'm asking this is that the book was a gift and it would be kinda cool if I could show your post to the friend who gave me the book.
By the way I love your site. The idea is awesome!
Take care,
Bjørn (bjorn.b@wxs.nl)