August 11, 2014, Monday afternoon -- Reading Brandon Sanderson

Standing in line at the Natural History Museum, between the haunches of a Diplodocus (in London, where I was on vacation, though I'm back in San Francisco now)
 She's reading The Well of Ascension, by Brandon Sanderson.  It's the second book in a series that she's really enjoying.  She's at the museum for her paleontology class.  The lines were so long (we waited over an hour before even getting into the building), that she (and her professor, who is the smiling woman in the hat) are an hour late.  The rest of the class is already inside the exhibit.


berenice said...

good way to "kill" time in line, reading!

Rebecca Mann said...

Hi, that's me! We eventually met up with our group before they left the museum and we had an amazing time. I'm now on the third book of the series and am totally hooked. :)

sonya worthy said...

Yay! Thanks for commenting.
Rebecca, I'm glad the museum trip worked it. It was unbelievably crowded. Enjoy your book!!!