August 7, 2014, Thursday afternoon -- Reading Michel Houellebecq

Waiting to hand off a key on the Rue de Rivoli in the 4th Arrondissement (in Paris, where I was on vacation) (I got back to SF on Aug 13)
He's reading Les Particules élémentaires (The Elementary Particles), a novel by the contemporary French author, Michel Houellebecq.  He's Brazilian and has come to France because he's a fashion designer.  Right now he works for a company designing children's clothing.  

His favorite book is Don Quixote, which was the first "real" book he read as a child.  The French classics authors he likes reading (in French) are Stendhal and Voltaire.  The Brazilian author he likes reading (in Portuguese) is Clarice Lispector.  And, he also really admires Marguerite Yourcenar, who was a Belgian author and the first woman author to be admitted to the French academy in 1980.