September 11, 2014, Thursday morning -- Reading Melvin Burgess

Killing time, waiting for a business on Mission Street to open.  She wants to be the first one there when the doors open, so she doesn't have to stand in line.
She is reading Smack, a young adult novel by Melvin Burgess.  A friend was reading it and she asked if she could have it next.  The book is set in Bristol, England. Even though she's not from where the book is set, it reminds her of her life.  It's realistic.  She said it's an easy read and she's enjoying it.

In the past, she read a lot of William S. Burroughs, "the big drug guy."  She liked his writing because it felt unfiltered.  

Recently she's been reading John Saul, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Patricia Cornwell, and some romance authors including Danielle Steel.