January 5, 2015, Monday evening -- Reading Peter Temple

At a hotel on Walsh Bay in Sydney, Australia
She is reading Truth, by Peter Temple. She found it on the shelf of the hotel bookcase and picked it up because, she said, "I am a seeker of truth." However, she wasn't enjoying the few pages she'd read so far when I approached her.  "It's violent," she explained. A few hours later, after I'd eaten dinner I went back to the lounge room in the hotel and saw that she'd returned the book to the shelf. 

Coincidentally, it's the same book I photographed on Christmas Day in Kangaroo Valley.  That reader said she was only skimming it, so she could get to books she'd been given for Christmas.  According to Wikipedia, Truth is a crime novel set in the state, Victoria, Australia, and has won the Miles Franklin, a prestigious Australian literary award.
 The last bit of pleasure reading she did was Fifty Shades of Gray, by E.L. James. She was studying law, then elementary education, so she hasn't had much time to read.